The Deception Game By Raven McAllan

The Deception Game

By Raven McAllan

  • Release Date: 2015-10-16
  • Genre: Erotica


Jack, Lord Trevithan, is about to offer marriage to Beatrice’s sister Louisa. For Beatrice it’s personal: Jack is the reason she’s been banished from polite society. His interest in her sister is the perfect opportunity for some swift and merciless revenge – and keeping Jack away from Louisa will all but guarantee her sister’s happiness, for Louisa loves another.

But Jack isn’t a man to take a challenge lying down, and Beatrice’s desire for retribution ignites a fire in him, a burning need to possess the woman whose downfall he so unwittingly engineered several years before. Can Beatrice stifle her attraction to him long enough to get the job done? Or will Jack’s overwhelming physical presence conquer her affections?